Sneakers and dresses are my absolute FAVORITE ootd. Don’t get me wrong, I love to dress up in heels and get all dolled up…or on the other hand, I could completely bum it out and be in slides and sweatpants

But when it comes to dresses and sneakers? UGH! It’s truly the best of both worlds. Not too girly, no too tomboy – just the perfect mix. I could wear this on date night, a day out or if I’m traveling! It’s the ultimate comfort-chic!

These sneakers were bought in Mexico, I’ve never seen anything like them which is why I love them! This dress was bought at Papaya 🙂

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Kim Kardashian West Inspired Look: A Business Casual OOTD

Many women in the workplace nowadays have not explored the freedom they have to make statements with simply, their attire. So I wanted to share this $40 look with you!

This outfit is probably one of my favorites I’ve ever put together. It’s elegant, modest, stylish AND its professional, depending on what you do. I, for example, run my own business which requires me to attend events where I need to dress up. I never question nor think twice whether I should wear something too “out there.” I just wear it.

Why you may ask? Well first, I will always and forever love fashion. I will always stay true to myself and never change my look for an occasion because of what others will think. I feel that’s what makes one different!

I wore this open-silk skirt from Forever 21 ($20) for an all-day event I did with my local newspaper and USA Today. I wanted to look professional, yet chic…so I paired it with a white long sleeved shirt with minimal details, the ruffles on the shoulders ($20).

I encourage you to be bold, make a statement and most importantly, be you! I will be dedicating a full blog post to my day with the media so please stay tuned! Follow me on Instagram: @monicapramos_



The Memorial Day OOTD you already have in your closet! 

It’s Memorial Day Weekend! And I’ve got a few style tips for you to make a patriotic statement with the pieces every gal has in her closet.

The color Blue has grown immensely on me over the past year. Perhaps its because I’m a lover of the sea and the sky, symbolizing peace and tranquility or simply because of its meaning. Especially for this holiday.

Just a quick tip for those who did not know, the Blue in the American flag stands for vigilance, perseverance or justice. I wanted to be patriotic for this holiday without having to wrap myself in an American flag, and wearing patriotic colors is the perfect alternative.

I’m sure all of us have denim shorts, (I found these at TJ Maxx). Pair the shorts with a crop top, add a bandana as an accessory and you are SET! Its typically a warmer this time of year anyway so feel free and beautiful to take off some layers!

I will be spending my Memorial Day weekend in Miami and in Orlando with family and friends. Follow me on Instagram, if you aren’t already to tag along on my adventure!

I want to take some time on this post thank all of the the fallen, the Veterans and those in the military for their service. Your commitment does NOT go unnoticed and today and everyday I feel nothing but gratitude for that matter.



Spring’s Must Have: Florals, Cold Shoulder’s & Ruffles

Runways at Spring Fashion Week this year were an uproar of floral prints, dreamy pastel shades, layered with ruffles and topped off with a cold shoulder cut. That’s precisely what this jumpsuit has going on.

Let me start my welcoming you to my page and mentioning that jumpsuit’s are for everyone no matter your height or body shape . They just look so flattering. My personal take on jumpsuit’s is that it is a statement to the world that, “Yes, I take my appearance seriously, but let’s make it simple…and comfortable.” All that requires is a good print a good cut and of course, some ruffles.

This particular jumpsuit is designed by J by J.O.A and was a gem found at Target. I can’t tell you how I lit up when I laid my eyes on it. Now, when looking for the link…after not finding it, my first thought is that Target is sold out – I was only able to find the link to a floral dress with the same print, here. I did a little digging and found another design in the same print on Revolve, here.

I am so upset to not have the exact link, I had so many compliments on this find! So sorry guys, I let you all down. You can always follow me on Instagram, HERE to follow my hunt for styles, though! See you there 🙂





I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! I spent my Easter Sunday at church, had brunch and spend it with my loved ones.

I wanted to share this dress by Victoria Beckham I purchased at Target last week. If yo have not made a Target run this week, please do so you’ll be impressed just like I was. This dress could not have been more perfect for Easter I mean check out that bunny neckline!

This kind of reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. It’s a very classy and elegant mixed with a little fun! I absolutely love pieces like this because it describes my personal style perfectly. I will be showing you a few more pieces from her collection soon so stay tuned and follow me on Instagram! @monicapramos_

Until next time!




Hey y’all!

I was cleaning my closet out the other day and realized I had not done a blog post on my favorite bell bottom jeans I own, so I thought I’d put a weekend outfit together for you as some spring outfit inspo.

Let me start by sharing the amazing deal I got on these jeans…the store, The Limited, was closing down so everything had to go…I ended up getting these jeans that were originally $70 for 13 bucks. #WINNING

I have naturally long legs so I love wearing high waisted pants like this from time to time because it makes me look taller! Thats one benefit you’ll get. Also a pair of jeans like this have a great fit to compliment your body no matter what shape or size and are super comfortable and stretchy.

During springtime, something like this would be perfect to wear on weekends for brunch, a food festival or just to go shopping lol – I added a metallic cami from Zara (mixing different textures really makes a difference and brings your outfit to life) along with adding a few accessories like some sunnies and a bandana! Throw on some wedges and a cross body and you are all set!

This style is a little more casual which I prefer because its easy and takes no time whatsoever to put together. I’m sure anyone including yourself can throw something similar together by something you have in your closet right now.

Thats all she wrote!

On a personal note, I’ll leave you with this I put on one of my Instagram (@monicapramos_) captions the other day as something I definitely need to hear more of lately, hope it encourages you too:

 Life is all about pushing oneself to become the best possible version of ourselves. We have our down days, but there’s always more ahead. ALWAYS keep your attention there, make a plan and follow it. Tomorrow is a new day.


Jeans, denim, whatever you want to call them are a must have spring hue and a personal favorite of mine. No that we’ve put our winter clothes away (some of us) There’s just so much of our wardrobe to play with!

You would think I would be wearing blue jeans in this post but thats exactly what I’m talking about…the possibilities are endless! You have denim skirts, denim dresses, denim on denim even. So go ahead and demin away – there’s no such thins as too much. Just don’t be full on dressed in jeans from head to toes including shoes and accessories – thats a no no.

I’m wearing a long-sleeve from American Eagle and my favorite jeans from none other but Zara. These jeans give the most amazing fit which makes your bum look nice and round along with the ultimate comfort it bring, plus they were $40! #winning.

A little secret of mine is this gem I found in my hometown Naples, FL of where I shot the most incredible photos on filled with white walls, tables and this staircase. Here is the exact address: 500 5th Ave S #528, Naples, FL 34102.

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I’ll leave you today with this quote, relevant for me…hope it means something to you!

“Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over, she began to fly.” 

These words go out to the ones who are going through a tough time at the moment who may think there are no solutions to certain situations…not true! There are better things ahead than any we leave behind. 


YUMI KIM: #1 Designer Pieces for Spring 2017

For many of us, it is finally spring time! As for me in Sunnyville, FL…it’s either Spring or Summer year round. Okay okay, enough bragging and lets get on to how to dress this spring!
Did you enjoy the dress in my photos? The dress is designed by Yumi Kim which I first heard of at NYFW last month and fell in LOVE.
Its called the “Rush Hour” Maxi dress and is the PERFECT dress for spring and summer because it is a wrap dress thats perfect even for weddings or beach events! The details include a crossover with a deep v-neckline, a self-tie and adjustable spaghetti straps with the sexiest slit!
Now, this fabric is 100% silk so not only did I feel super skinny minnie when I wear it but I also have the ultimate comfort and freshness.
I always try to express my love for fashion as a form of expressing my confidence and to hopefully inspire others. This dress made me feel very pretty, and when someone looks feels good, it shows. That is why I encourage people to think a little deeper when it comes to their style.
“I breathe in confidence and breathe out all fear.”

On a personal note, I have been going through a major change in my life that has not been the easiest, and this blog has helped tremendously to keep my head up – I’m happy to say that I’m slowly but surely getting myself back up by returning to my kickboxing classes that I love so much. I would love to share my day to day with you on Instagram so please follow along! @monicapramos_
Until next time my loves!



In modern day, most of us women work a 40 hour week…am I right? Today I’m sharing how style meets business attire!

I typically receive questions on my office attire and I am so excited to share these details! May I start by saying my entire outfit was $20! Both purchased at Zara which has the trendiest pieces for in and out of the office!

This flowy long sleeved blouse shows elegance and style – it is very appropriate for the office because it gives a conservative look but also shows some personality. As for the trousers, a black pair would have worked fine but the shimmer on these pants brings the outfit to life!

I encourage you to mix textures, a personal tip of mine is to try and stick to solid colors for a more put together look!

As a professional in the corporate world, you want to avoid being in a box and have a sense of style! This outfit is a perfect example! Follow me on Instagram for my daily ootd’s: monicapramos_

ZARA: Spring Fashion Inspo

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Spring is among us! At least in Florida it almost ALWAYS is 🙂

Today I’m sharing my latest Zara obsession – this long sleeved floral dress! Can I start by saying, it was $13!! I know, call me “Clearance Queen!”

Zara is by far my favorite retail store because what you’ll find at the prices offered are a no brainer. They do such a good job to keep with with the trendiest finds at an unbeatable cost. This dress for example, looks expensive…but not at all!

I bought this dress in NYC during NYFW and decided to wear it to the office, I received the greatest compliments! It has a silky feel to it which creates the ultimate comfort all day long. It could be worn for a happy hour, a date night, Sunday brunch…its very versatile.

I was feeling extra, so I added this Forever 21 jacket ($40). Roses on any garment is in! I paired some nude pumps by Jessica Simpson.

Be BOLD to mix and match your textures, thats what makes fashion so fun! It’s a statement about who you are and how you feel about yourself.

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Until next time,