These jeans…too much? I LOVE EM. I think every gal should have some crazy denim’s like this in their closet. Not only do they make a statement on your bold personality but they are also so fun and look super trendy at the same time.

I like to compare this style to Khloe Kardashian’s. I think she has the best style out of the bunch. Or at least the most relevant to my personal wardrobe. It’s not necessary to spend an arm and a leg to replicate the same look because let’s face it, most of us girls hardly wear things more than once.

Jeans like this make you feel some time if way. An idgaf what you think about these jeans cause I like them sort of attitude. That’s how I feel at least.

This entire look is brought to you by Forever 21. The bodysuit, the jeans, and the transparent heels. All under $100.

I hope you enjoyed this outfit! Please follow me on Instagram for sneak peeks of my upcoming looks! @monicapramos_

Until next time my loves!

3 Art Walls in Wynwood to Visit this Summer in Miami, FL!


3 New Art Walls in Wynwood Art District: 

Coming from a Native Floridian who lives on the west coast of the state in Naples, I travel to Miami a little too often. (As one should!) Miami is mainly known for South Beach, which is nice if you’re looking for more of a tropical atmosphere. But the GEM many haven’t discovered in Miami is the Wynwood Art District.

It’s probably the closest hipster area to Austin filled with modern art galleries, art murals, the dopest coffee shops, boutiques and so much nightlife! If you’re looking for some GREAT-Instagrammable content…you may want to keep reading because I’ve put the exact location of where you can find 3 new art walls in Wynwood along with details of my OOTD which might come in handy with our weather!

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This wall literally looks like a cauliflower-flower tattoo drawn on a huge chalkboard, doesn’t it? I was obsessed as soon as I laid my eyes on it. The coolest thing about Wynwood is you’ll see art like this in every corner. Like this one, located at the corner of NW 24th st and NW 2nd ave at the Shinola store. Trust me, I wasn’t the only one taking photos at this time, its always packed!

This wall is perfect for a bright and colorful outfit, like mine! Located at the corner of NW 23rd st and NW 1st pl…this street offers some of the dopest hot spots like El Patio (nightlife) and a delicious lunch spot called the Butter shop.

So, for anyone who is interested in something other than travel and being a foodie…I have some ootd tips when being in Wynwood!

  1. Wear comfortable shoes. I’ve been such a sneaker head lately- obsessed with these Cole Haan shoes that can be worn anywhere, anytime.
  2. Cotton or Linen. All the way, all day. Unless you want to be drenched in sweat. I’m not even kidding, the humidity here is insane! Thats why I wore a over-sized cotton shirt to keep me as cool as possible.
  3. Pack light. If you are traveling, please leave all suitcases and large backpacks in your car. Wynwood is an all-day walking around type of place 🙂 A small cross-body is all you need.
  4. Why am I accessorizing with a windbreaker? Well, if you’re from Florida…you’re cold ALL.THE.TIME. Especially in the A.C. And Wynwood is known to blast their A.C. It was lightweight so perfect for coffee shops or restaurants.

I’ve been more on the sporty side lately. I love the on-the-go feeling. Especially when traveling, you’ll always catch me looking a little “edgy.” So even though this outfit might not be considered to be hardcore fashionable, it definitely felt like it.

Last but not least, the pink wall. It’s actually on the same street as the white mural. You cannot go wrong with pink! I hope you enjoyed this travel/fashion post. I would love to know if you found it helpful, if you have any questions please let me know :) I can’t wait to see all of your photos! Don’t forget to tag me on Insta @monicapramos_

Enjoy Wynwood,

Until next time

Summer’s Go-To Trend: Rompers

Happy June! We have OFFICIALLY made it to halfway through the year, guys… The start to every new month gives me the best feeling about pretty much everything except Florida’s heat. That’s why you can find me in cotton made rompers at anytime I’m not at work.

Rompers are my FAVORITE because you can wear it to the beach as a cover-up, on a Saturday afternoon and even at night! Florida plays no games when it comes to heat and humidity which is why I chose this one by Forever 21. Its lightweight, sleeveless and has a striped print that never goes out of style – did I mention, comfortable? Wearing white is also always a good idea during summertime because it helps keeps you cool.

This month for me is a time for lots of planning. I have a few trips this summer/fall and I am very excited to share them with you all, so follow my Instagram @monicapramos_

Talk to you all soon!



The Memorial Day OOTD you already have in your closet! 

It’s Memorial Day Weekend! And I’ve got a few style tips for you to make a patriotic statement with the pieces every gal has in her closet.

The color Blue has grown immensely on me over the past year. Perhaps its because I’m a lover of the sea and the sky, symbolizing peace and tranquility or simply because of its meaning. Especially for this holiday.

Just a quick tip for those who did not know, the Blue in the American flag stands for vigilance, perseverance or justice. I wanted to be patriotic for this holiday without having to wrap myself in an American flag, and wearing patriotic colors is the perfect alternative.

I’m sure all of us have denim shorts, (I found these at TJ Maxx). Pair the shorts with a crop top, add a bandana as an accessory and you are SET! Its typically a warmer this time of year anyway so feel free and beautiful to take off some layers!

I will be spending my Memorial Day weekend in Miami and in Orlando with family and friends. Follow me on Instagram, if you aren’t already to tag along on my adventure!

I want to take some time on this post thank all of the the fallen, the Veterans and those in the military for their service. Your commitment does NOT go unnoticed and today and everyday I feel nothing but gratitude for that matter.



SPRING TREND: Striped Shirt Dresses

 Here’s a dress that never goes out of style. The shirt dress. No matter what season, shirt dresses are the most effortless dress that create the ultimate fashionista look. 

This particular dress is perfect for spring. This print of blue and white stripes is very popular but most especially in the spring because of its pastel color – this also goes for denim. 

From Papaya, I found this dress at the beautiful Miromar Outlets in Estero, Florida. If you’re in the area, I dare you to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning walking around and enjoying a Florida afternoon where you’ll find the best deals in the area. 

I also wore this dress on a perfect day out in Miami exploring the Design District (see my insta: monicapramos_) In other words, if you will be outdoors you definitely want to wear something light weight, comfortable and simple yet classy. 

On this day, I wish you a great week! I have been making unexpected changes after changes this year (a breakup and a new job) that have completely altered a lot of plans I had for the rest of the year so I’m just trying to surf the wave over here lol. That’s all we can do. I am making the best effort I can to continue to see the positive side of life and not be distracted by anything that won’t get me ahead. It’s onward and up from here. 

Until next time dolls! 



Hey y’all!

I was cleaning my closet out the other day and realized I had not done a blog post on my favorite bell bottom jeans I own, so I thought I’d put a weekend outfit together for you as some spring outfit inspo.

Let me start by sharing the amazing deal I got on these jeans…the store, The Limited, was closing down so everything had to go…I ended up getting these jeans that were originally $70 for 13 bucks. #WINNING

I have naturally long legs so I love wearing high waisted pants like this from time to time because it makes me look taller! Thats one benefit you’ll get. Also a pair of jeans like this have a great fit to compliment your body no matter what shape or size and are super comfortable and stretchy.

During springtime, something like this would be perfect to wear on weekends for brunch, a food festival or just to go shopping lol – I added a metallic cami from Zara (mixing different textures really makes a difference and brings your outfit to life) along with adding a few accessories like some sunnies and a bandana! Throw on some wedges and a cross body and you are all set!

This style is a little more casual which I prefer because its easy and takes no time whatsoever to put together. I’m sure anyone including yourself can throw something similar together by something you have in your closet right now.

Thats all she wrote!

On a personal note, I’ll leave you with this I put on one of my Instagram (@monicapramos_) captions the other day as something I definitely need to hear more of lately, hope it encourages you too:

 Life is all about pushing oneself to become the best possible version of ourselves. We have our down days, but there’s always more ahead. ALWAYS keep your attention there, make a plan and follow it. Tomorrow is a new day.

ZARA: Spring Fashion Inspo

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Spring is among us! At least in Florida it almost ALWAYS is 🙂

Today I’m sharing my latest Zara obsession – this long sleeved floral dress! Can I start by saying, it was $13!! I know, call me “Clearance Queen!”

Zara is by far my favorite retail store because what you’ll find at the prices offered are a no brainer. They do such a good job to keep with with the trendiest finds at an unbeatable cost. This dress for example, looks expensive…but not at all!

I bought this dress in NYC during NYFW and decided to wear it to the office, I received the greatest compliments! It has a silky feel to it which creates the ultimate comfort all day long. It could be worn for a happy hour, a date night, Sunday brunch…its very versatile.

I was feeling extra, so I added this Forever 21 jacket ($40). Roses on any garment is in! I paired some nude pumps by Jessica Simpson.

Be BOLD to mix and match your textures, thats what makes fashion so fun! It’s a statement about who you are and how you feel about yourself.

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Until next time,






Every NYE, my boyfriend and I decide to take a spontaneous trip somewhere. Last year, we booked a last minute trip to NYC on New Years Eve. This year, it being December 31st, we still do not have any set plans. That’s just how we roll, we wing it.

Most likely we will drive across to the other coast of Florida to bring in the New Years with friends in Miami, or keep it chill in Naples, FL with our friends at the beach while watching fireworks.

As we come to an end of 2016…there’s a few things I’d like to firstly say. Like how this blog has somewhat made me feel more complete. It’s the little piece of my everyday duties that is solely and entirely MINE. I have always loved fashion, fitness and traveling and I am so proud that I finally just DID it. My only regret is not starting it sooner!

I started my blog this Summer in July and I can assure you it has not always been easy, it has been very discouraging at times because I am constantly looking for new content, new opportunities and knocking on doors to see if one will open. My end goal is to monetize my blog and take it as far as possible, it can and it will. Just need to remind myself to not give up,  be patient, keep pushing and if one door does not open a better one will. That’s how much faith I have in myself, in my work and my passion.

I have GREAT things coming in 2017…things I cannot share at this time but will shortly be unraveled to you all. And for that I am whole heartedly grateful and humbled.

And now, a little recap of my first year blogging and favorite posts I put together just for you. I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!


South Beach – Miami, FL

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Vizcaya Gardens –  Miami, FL

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New York, New York

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Wynwood Walls – Miami, FL

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Back to School Lookbook

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Old Navy Style Inspo


In Florida, sweater weather only lasts so long. Which means its time to bring out our winter capes and big blanket scarves. This multi-colored one is from Old Navy – it just so happened to be on clearance at the time and I received 80% off! It is the perfectly light layer for a cool day or as an extra cozy wrap inside when the weather really starts to go down, especially for cold offices…like mine!

Ta ta for now, and stay warm pretty ladies!

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Red Velvet Holiday Dress

Attn all you festive ladies!

Christmas time is here! And that includes Holiday parties – take a look at this inexpensive wine colored velvet party dress I put together for you 🙂

First things first, VELVET! Velvet is such a fall trend so you want to be sure to include that into your holiday wardrobe. This dress is from Papaya and was only $23!! I love Papaya, they have super affordable clothes for every occasion at the best prices. Stay tuned for mu next blog post, I will be showing you a second holiday dress I found at Papaya and I guarantee you will be shocked!

Now, I can understand the price might be hard to believe since this dress has such a fabulous cut. Take a look at the back!

This dress is perfectly appropriate for your office party, a night out or even Christmas day! It is slightly above the knees giving a classy yet sexy look.


I decided to add a statement choker for an extra touch as well as beach waves for an all around finished holiday look. If you live in a colder state, unlike Florida…add a fur scarf! It adds extra glamour to this dress.

I hope you liked this dress as much as I do! Follow me on Instagram: monicapramos_ to see where I wore this to!

Until next time dolls,

Peace, love and blessings ❤