Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Mexican Cultural​ Dress Edition


The Latin Community celebrates Hispanic Heritage evert September. In honor of Mexican Independence Day on September 16th, I wanted to share details on my story and this vibrant, colorful dress!

After an amazing and unforgettable summer vacation with my family, I’ve been waiting to share this gem I found in a market in Mexico! These dresses are very authentic. People wear them on a daily, especially the older women. It’s very traditional. My favorite part about it is that its a one size fits all! Mexican culture is about being bright and colorful and standing out.

My parents came here to give us, their 3 daughters a better future. I spent some time in México this summer and witnessed the blood, sweat, and tears people go through firsthand, on a daily. It’s not the safest in some places, but the PEOPLE make the culture what it is. Our people are about helping one another, they are humble, they are hard working and they absolutely love life through it all. Those same principles exist in my household to this very day. I carry the good morals with and in me in every area in life. Relationships, friendships, and business. Knowing where I came from and recognizing everything my parents and family have gone through to be here is what FUELS me. And I’m gonna do it all for them.

Te amo México! Mi tierra linda y querida!!!💚

Thanksgiving Day Outfit

If you’re wondering what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner this year, I put an outfit together just for you.


Now, I live in Florida but I’m assuming most people will be having dinner indoors. I chose neutral colors, which are super appropriate for fall.

These brown suede bell bottoms were bought for $30 at Forever 21. Any bottoms, whether a skirt or dress in this brown suede texture looks beautiful for this Holiday.


I paired the suede pants with a metallic polyester tank from Zara ($20) These mixed fabrics go along perfectly  and look divine, for a last minute outfit idea.


In case you were not aware, suede gives you a very stretchy and comfortable feel – similar to yoga pants. So do not be afraid to fill that belly this Thanksgiving! Trust me, I’ve passed the test and you have nothing to worry about 🙂

I would love to know and see what you decided to wear! So feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Follow me on Instagram: monicapramos_ to get the inside scoop on a Mexican Thanksgiving!

Wishing you and you’re family a great Thanksgiving!

Until next time,

Peace, love and blessings.


How To Wear a Bomber Jacket


You have to agree with me when I say all women love fall, mainly for the extra layers that are appropriate to spice up your wardrobe. No, I did not say pumpkin spice latte – focus!

A personal favorite piece of mine is the BOMBER JACKET. It gives a sporty and street style look that can be worn over your work out clothes or even a night out like I did. This one, in specific is by American Eagle ($70) – I actually got mine 40% off my shopping at Miromar Outlets.

I’ve wore it to a music festival, a casual Saturday morning and of course, happy hour! Thats the beauty of bomber jackets – they are appropriate to be worn for pretty much any occasion. Even a dress!

The rest of my #ootn is all from Miromar Outlets as well – where EVERY item purchased was on sale. For example, see these cropped jeggings I have on? Originally $50 – well, I got them 40% off. This Banana Republic velvet cami I’m wearing originally $68 had 50% off because I shopped at Banana’s Factory store. The bomber jacket could be considered a fun accessory to pair with just about anything you decide to wear for that day or night.

I’d love to know how you decide to wear yours! Feel free to use any of these photos as a guide. Follow my IG (monicapramos_) to see what I’ll be working on next 🙂 Now…off to Happy hour! Cheers!