My Experience​ on Getting Lip Fillers for the First Time

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Have you ever thought about getting your lips enhanced? I had always considered it because I’ve always felt my bottom lip was fuller than my top, so I did it!

This is definitely not something you want to jump right into, so instead of doing a lot of research and getting different information from various sources, I want to share my personal experience with you.

Here are a few things to pay attention to:

Medical Spa

First things first, I strongly suggest the one thing you do some research on is the medical spa in your area who you feel is best qualified. I for one, I was fortunate enough to have this procedure done by the number one medical spa in Southwest Florida – Pura Vida.

The nurse practitioner should have enough experience to know which type of filler is best for you depending on how you’d like your lips to look. I for one wanted very minimal filler. I wanted it to look as natural as possible.


Now, you may be thinking that fillers are crazy expensive… They’re definitely not cheap, but it shouldn’t be an outrages amount like $1000 per treatment. An average treatment should cost roughly $500.

Type of Filler

I used Juvéderm’s Volbella filler which is good if you want to add subtle volume to your lips. This also looks very pretty if you want to soften the appearance of your lips. I especially wanted this because of the natural look it gives.


The entire procedure took less than an hour. Here is a before picture:

The first 20 minutes consisted of waiting for my lips to numb – they added anesthesia on my lips (see below)

And here is the after photo! I felt very little pain on my lower lip and none on my top lip. I did bruise a bit but it’s absolutely normal. It was overall a lot less scary than I thought!

Here is an after of my smile now with the fillers. I love how big of a difference I notice myself, even though others might not.


I would like to thank the Pura Vida Medical Spa Team for being so patient with me. They were super helpful and informative in terms of making sure I clearly understood how the process works to ultimately give me exactly what I envisioned. I’m truly very happy with how they look! After this experience, I definitely understand why they are #1 Med Spa in all SWFL for 2 years in a row! Their office is located on 5th Ave, right above Cafe Milano. I recommend them for the quality and variety of their work, and of course because of their friendly staff.

If you’re in the Naples area and are curious about lip fillers, give them a call and let them know I referred you through this post 🙂

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