These jeans…too much? I LOVE EM. I think every gal should have some crazy denim’s like this in their closet. Not only do they make a statement on your bold personality but they are also so fun and look super trendy at the same time.

I like to compare this style to Khloe Kardashian’s. I think she has the best style out of the bunch. Or at least the most relevant to my personal wardrobe. It’s not necessary to spend an arm and a leg to replicate the same look because let’s face it, most of us girls hardly wear things more than once.

Jeans like this make you feel some time if way. An idgaf what you think about these jeans cause I like them sort of attitude. That’s how I feel at least.

This entire look is brought to you by Forever 21. The bodysuit, the jeans, and the transparent heels. All under $100.

I hope you enjoyed this outfit! Please follow me on Instagram for sneak peeks of my upcoming looks! @monicapramos_

Until next time my loves!

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Mexican Cultural​ Dress Edition


The Latin Community celebrates Hispanic Heritage evert September. In honor of Mexican Independence Day on September 16th, I wanted to share details on my story and this vibrant, colorful dress!

After an amazing and unforgettable summer vacation with my family, I’ve been waiting to share this gem I found in a market in Mexico! These dresses are very authentic. People wear them on a daily, especially the older women. It’s very traditional. My favorite part about it is that its a one size fits all! Mexican culture is about being bright and colorful and standing out.

My parents came here to give us, their 3 daughters a better future. I spent some time in México this summer and witnessed the blood, sweat, and tears people go through firsthand, on a daily. It’s not the safest in some places, but the PEOPLE make the culture what it is. Our people are about helping one another, they are humble, they are hard working and they absolutely love life through it all. Those same principles exist in my household to this very day. I carry the good morals with and in me in every area in life. Relationships, friendships, and business. Knowing where I came from and recognizing everything my parents and family have gone through to be here is what FUELS me. And I’m gonna do it all for them.

Te amo México! Mi tierra linda y querida!!!💚

Cute Christmas Sweaters

Christmas time is for work holiday parties, pajamas on Christmas morning and ugly sweater parties. We held our 2nd annual ugly Christmas dewater/white elephant party and it was a blast! However, incase you didn’t know…its okay to wear something cute rather than ugly.

This cute little penguin sweater was found at Forever 21 ($25) and is definitely made to keep you warm. Living in the Sunshine State means this sweater was not meant to be kept on all night which is exactly what happened. I paired it with rose gold striped jeans from Neiman Marcus at 80% off and some metallic chunky heels from H&M ($35)

I wanted to share a bit of our night with you – this DIY “backdrop” was made from wrapping paper! Although I should have been a bit more considerate to acknowledge there would be more than one person positioned in front of it as well as the fact there are many out there way taller than I…next time, next time.

My friends and family had the greatest time with the white elephant exchange, dancing (suavemente style), having “Photo Booth” fun, eating good and enjoy a nice old glass of wine, beer, rosé and champagne…or two 🙂 Check out my crew!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and continue to be festive while you can!


Peace, love & blessings.

Fall in Florida: Leather Vibes


Hello from the Sunshine State!

It’s Fall in Florida, so what better way to spend a beautiful afternoon than a historic local landmark that has been around for OVER 100 years! 112 to be specific – this village, known as Korheshan State Park was built in 1904 and is open to the public.


I had been here one other time prior to this day and knew I wanted to get some shots here. I wore a light leahter jacket I recently purchased at Burlington Coat Factory – over a lightweight scarlet colored tank top and purple skinny jeans along with some grey Juicy Couture booties from Kohl’s.


These photos were taken in actual homes where pioneers once lived.


Korheshan State park offers water activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding and canoeing. This canal was the absolute most beautiful canal I’ve seen thats close to home.


Lets not forget the bamboo trees! They have a few miles worth of grounds with very tall bamboo trees. I was surprised to find such great places to shoot! If you are in the Estero, FL area…you may want to add this stop to your things to do list.

Hope you found this post helpful!

Until next time,





How To Wear a Bomber Jacket


You have to agree with me when I say all women love fall, mainly for the extra layers that are appropriate to spice up your wardrobe. No, I did not say pumpkin spice latte – focus!

A personal favorite piece of mine is the BOMBER JACKET. It gives a sporty and street style look that can be worn over your work out clothes or even a night out like I did. This one, in specific is by American Eagle ($70) – I actually got mine 40% off my shopping at Miromar Outlets.

I’ve wore it to a music festival, a casual Saturday morning and of course, happy hour! Thats the beauty of bomber jackets – they are appropriate to be worn for pretty much any occasion. Even a dress!

The rest of my #ootn is all from Miromar Outlets as well – where EVERY item purchased was on sale. For example, see these cropped jeggings I have on? Originally $50 – well, I got them 40% off. This Banana Republic velvet cami I’m wearing originally $68 had 50% off because I shopped at Banana’s Factory store. The bomber jacket could be considered a fun accessory to pair with just about anything you decide to wear for that day or night.

I’d love to know how you decide to wear yours! Feel free to use any of these photos as a guide. Follow my IG (monicapramos_) to see what I’ll be working on next 🙂 Now…off to Happy hour! Cheers!




Fall Fashion


It’s here! Fall is finally here in Florida. We got a cold front this weekend and visited a pumpkin patch so you know I had to pull out the fall wardrobe…so here’s what I whipped up.


My front keyhole bell sleeve top is from American Eagle ($40). This faded navy top is a go-t0 fall color. The long sleeves and floral add an extra touch especially with the keyhole bow in the front. My denim x midi shorts are also from AEO and can be found here ($50). So obsessed with AEO lately! I bought this #ootd from the one and only, Miromar Outlets of course.

I spent my weekend at my first corn maze with family & friends. We went on a hay ride and  pumpkin patched at Farmer Mikes in Bonita Springs, FL. Such a great spot for fall festivities in SWFL – kid friendly too! Hope you enjoyed this post.

Happy Fall!

Until next time,



TRENDING: Oversized Sweaters & Over-The-Knee Boots


Pairing an oversized sweater with over-the-knee boots is my absolute favorite fall look. It’s cute, comfy and effortless. Believe it or not, this BCBG Maxaria & Saks Off Fifth Look was only $200!

I found the perfect pair of navy blue-suede boots from BCBG Maxaria at Miromar Outlets ($120 – originally $200) during their Columbus Day weekend sale. It is a trend of this season and a must have in your closet. As I was taking my photos for this post, I had people stop and ask where I got my boots from, I said to myself “Wow, I’m really glad I chose this color.” I typically tend to stick to my blacks & neutrals – this color, is so UNIQUE the BCBG staff wouldn’t let me go with the black #GoodCall.


A cute cross-body bag is a perfect accessory for this outfit. Also, purchased at BCBG Maxaria – this bag was only ($36 – originally $60). This snake embossed navy blue cross body is so CLUTCH and is a great color to wear with any outfit this Fall.

My cold shoulder-oversized sweater is from Saks Off Fifth ($40) which I’m obsessed with. The cut of this sweater is so modern and stylish – to be worn on a nice day out or night out, giving you the ultimate comfort.


As a Native Floridian, I will tell you – rain, shine or humidity…true fashionistas will always pull out their fall attire during the “cold months” of the year. I hope this look has inspired you to invest in a nice pair of boots and perhaps and even an oversized sweater to find out how fab you’ll look and feel. You’re welcome in advance 🙂

Happy October & Happy Fall!

I’d love to know your thoughts on this look!

Until next time,

Peace, love & blessings.






Colors of Fall


Everyone’s favorite time of the year is here – Fall! At least, it is for women…and we all know why. The fashion, duh! Orange is the PERFECT fall color.

This gorgeous pumpkin-orange dress is from Bebe Outlets ($30) which can only be purchased at Miromar Outlets in the SWFL area. I was initially drawn by the color, then captivated by the light-weight fabric, perfect to be worn outdoors.

Regardless of places like Florida, where it is paradise 365 days a year – we still like to participate in seasonal trends and colors. We don’t have leaves falling and transitioning into the beautiful autumn colors we all adore and are admittedly jealous of (because they’d be awesome for photos) or the necessity to start wearing oversized sweaters, just yet. What we do have, however, are the most breathtaking sunsets year round and a wardrobe to go along with it.


I wore this dress to an event I attended called #CravingFashion held at Waterside Shops in Naples, FL to benefit United Way of Collier County and Make-A-Wish Southern Florida. When you mix fashion and helping the community for a great cause, its always a win-win. Such a great event, with great food too!


Hope you enjoyed this post! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this post. Don’t forget to follow my Instagram: monicapramos_ where I share BTS to great events like this!

As always – peace, love & blessings.

Xox0 – Mo