Florida Keys trip on The Keywest Express

As a Florida Native, I recently visited the Keys for my first time. I know, crazy right? We were invited to celebrate my friend’s 30th birthday so Key West just sounded like a great idea.

Part of the reason why I have never visited Key West is because of the commute. It takes about five hours to travel south from Naples, Florida. Luckily, my friends had suggested an alternative form of travel, The Key West Express.

It was the best idea. We traveled down the Gulf of Mexico in 3.5 hours with 10x more fun than anyone would by car. The ferry had food and drinks available for purchase including alcoholic beverages. Here is a short video clip of the inside where we sat.

The ferry had 3 different levels, two inside in the upper deck outside. Take a look and experience a breathtaking Florida sunset.

The Key West express has two docks that they depart from one in Fort Myers Florida and the other in Marco Island. We left from Fort Myers so Marco would have gotten us to the Keys faster since it’s further down south. Two RT tickets cost about $240…not bad, huh? Weather you call Florida home, or just visiting, The Key West Express is definitely the best way to experience The Sunsine State.

The majority of our trip that weekend included a lot of water activities. We decided to try a Sunset Booze Cruise that turned out to be a lot of fun with unlimited sangrias. Here is a photo of all of my great looking friends that evening.

I also went jet skiing for the first time which turned out to be a lot less scary than I initially thought it was going to be. I did however, phone to the middle of the Atlantic ocean not knowing how to swim. I had a mini mental panic attack but luckily I had a lifevest on. I know what you’re probably thinking… How does she not know how to swim when she lived in Florida all her life? Well, that’s a great question, however I did have a Trumatic child experience in the water that has created a phobia in my mind ever since I was three. None of my sisters nor my mom can swim either so I hope that helps my cause 🤷🏻‍♀️

They have a tour we did that takes you around the entire island so that was definitely knocked off of my bucket list! ✅

My absolute favorite thing about Key West was definitely where we stayed. We rented two little houses the hood plenty of room to fit a group of 12. We only had nine with us on this trip so there was a lot of room for a very convenient price. The houses in Key West are probably my favorite to look at – they have THE cutest little beach houses! They are mini sized cottages that are perfect for living in such paradise.

We save about one minute walking distance from Duval Street which is the infamous street in Key West with all of the bars. We love the convenience of barhopping without having to get dressed up and being able to take our drinks in a to go cup everywhere was definitely a plus.

Key West is the perfect place to visit for a low-key quality needed vacation. So I am glad I got to experience a new area of my home state. Key West is pretty expensive compared to other places in Florida, due to tourism. I would also love to go back to The Keys for a romantic getaway weekend for two.

That weekend when I got to Key West, I realized that I had completely forgotten that had all of my clothes in my car back in Fort Myers. I had no worries because Key West is a very appropriate place to look lazy and have a grand old time.

Bon Voyage from the Key West Express! I’d love to hear any travel tips as far as What to do or where you have been in the keys!

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