What to Expect on Your First Time Getting Eyelash Extensions

FullSizeRender 68Eyelash extensions have gradually grown become the new trend since lip fillers. If you have never gotten lash extensions, I’ve put all the deets on everything you need to know before booking an appointment. Everyone from Kylie Jenner to myself, to an executive business woman has found having lash extensions much more convenient and here’s why…

Convenience: The first reason us gals like to have extensions on our lashes is because it  saves a lot of time from our morning routine. No mascara needed. You are ready to be on-the-go everyday.

Cost: I know so many people who think lashes are way too expensive but that’s really not the case. There are great places like Amazing Lash Studio who have a great full set lash price of only $80 compared to others who start at $150. They have so many locations across the U.S so be sure to look one up near you!

How it feels: Be aware, that you will need to have your eyes closed for about 1 to 2 hours depending on your lash stylist’s experience. That was very uncomfortable for me at first. Especially when it came to the lash stylist taping a gel pad they place under your eye. I found that relaxing was just the best way to get through it and now I don’t even think about it!

The Experience: I think the environment and setting of the lash studio you go to, matters. Amazing Lash does it so well! Check out their waiting room, isn’t it gorgeous? This is what makes them unique, I’ve never seen a lash studio so well put together. Not only that but my lash stylist, Liana, educated me on how to maintain the lashes after we’ve left the studio. Typically you’re supposed to have them done every 2 weeks.

Here is a close up of my after pic…(Did you know eyelash extension appointments = free naps? I had just woken up from mine as you can probably tell)

FullSizeRender 67

One of my favorite things about lash extensions is how beautiful you look without makeup! Thank you so much for reading. Follow me on Instagram @monicapramos_ to to see more of my eyelash extension experiences!

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2 thoughts on “What to Expect on Your First Time Getting Eyelash Extensions

  1. Totally appreciate the post. I’ve been meaning to get a set, but some of the prices in my area are excessive. I am happy to see that they have a few studios in my area. 🙂


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