Why You Need To Switch to a Wooden Hair Brush

Have you ever thought about the type of hair brush you use? Could be plastic, metallic or artificial maybe? Well, let me tell you about wooden brushes and how they’ve dramatically changed the condition of my hair and why you need to switch!

Let me start by saying that I have had my hair colored many, many times before without considering the importance of my hair brush. Yes, I use conditioning treatments and try to avoid applying heat to my hair as much as possible, however, it never occurred to me how the wrong brush could delay the healthy state my hair could potentially have.

If you’re hairstyle requires a lot of maintenance or hair repair treatments, its especially important for you to consider natural haircare products. I was introduced to tek brushes and have not been able to go back to my wet brush. We need all the knowledge we can to make sure we’re staying on top of our routine to ensure we have strong and healthy hair 🙂

Here’s what I use and why I recommend it:

Wooden brushes are 100% under rated. I did an insta story the other day where I had both brushes side by side and compared the two – the bristles on the tek brush (made out of wood) were a lot sturdier as opposed to the plastic bristles of the synthetic wet brush.  If you get static when combing your hair, ding ding ding you need to toss that synthetic brush and get yourself a tek brush. They have so many to choose from, all which serve a different purpose.

All about TEK:

Handmade in Italy, these brushes are designed to massage the scalp and reactivate blood circulation which then reinforce the hair roots to grow faster. They are also hypoallergenic to ensure shine and absorb the excess of sebum and hair impurities.

This particular twin set is perfect because it can be used at home or on the go. I very quickly noticed the difference in using the wide cord with small teeth as opposed to my wet brush I always used to use after showering. There was so much less hair fall and the wet brush was gentle enough to not pull my hair or irritate my scalp. Tek brushes would work on any and all hair types  wavy, curly and very curly – best used on wet hair. Perfect to take to the beach this summer, they have so many colors to choose from.

I’d love to hear what your thoughts about this post are – what kind of brush do you currently use? Lets chat!


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