In modern day, most of us women work a 40 hour week…am I right? Today I’m sharing how style meets business attire!

I typically receive questions on my office attire and I am so excited to share these details! May I start by saying my entire outfit was $20! Both purchased at Zara which has the trendiest pieces for in and out of the office!

This flowy long sleeved blouse shows elegance and style – it is very appropriate for the office because it gives a conservative look but also shows some personality. As for the trousers, a black pair would have worked fine but the shimmer on these pants brings the outfit to life!

I encourage you to mix textures, a personal tip of mine is to try and stick to solid colors for a more put together look!

As a professional in the corporate world, you want to avoid being in a box and have a sense of style! This outfit is a perfect example! Follow me on Instagram for my daily ootd’s: monicapramos_


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