Vizcaya Museum & Gardens – Miami, FL



I spent my weekend at one of the most beautiful, scenic and most romantic destinations that Florida has to offer. The infamous national historic landmark – Vizcaya.

Formerly known as “Villa Vizcaya,” The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens gives you a taste of art, history and Renaissance architecture from 100 years ago. The main house (museum) is approximately 38,000 ft.² and has 10 acres of Gardens. So make sure your shoes are meant for walking.

I’m wearing the maid of honor dress I wore for my best friends wedding about a month before this shoot. It is a Vera Wang 😍 ($199) This long chiffon dress is a work of art with waves of ruffles that fall from the shoulder neck line to the floor. So elegant, so perfect for such a beautiful setting.


This estate is absolutely gorgeous for any photo shoot, a venue for an event or wedding, it can even a place to propose! So if you’re traveling to the sunshine state or if you’re a Floridian wanting to get a feel for the closest thing to an English garden, make sure to add this Miami Icon on your bucket list.

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