10 Things You Need To Know About Balayage 

I can’t even begin to tell you how many women I know that long for having a beautiful ashy blonde balayage, especially Latinas – like myself. Over the past two years, I have learned a lot of information that I KNOW will be helpful if you’re ever considering balayge. I recently found a local salon to call home, Blue Water Salon in Naples, FL exceeded my color correction expectations (Follow my Instagram for more photos: monicapramos_). I thought this would be the perfect time to give you a breakdown of the 10 basic things you need to know about Balayge.


When I first wanted to transform my color from natural dark to light hair, I expected for it to happen in one salon session since it was going to be done by a professional. I was wrong. There are a couple of reasons why that did not happen for me:

• I did not have virgin hair.

• My hair was not in the healthiest condition.

• If you have dark hair, it is going to be a process.


Be aware, your hair will most likely turn orange before the finished product. The process can go from your dark hair color to either a red or brassy orange tone and only then will it begin to lighten. It should not take more than 3-4 sessions to get your hair as light as mine currently is, if the correct technique is used.


A pretty penny it’ll cost ya. A balayage transformation to the extent of going from dark to light is a modern, time consuming and high in demand hair style – so it would make sense for the price to be higher. The base price can run anywhere from $130-$160 depending on the salon or stylist. In my case, since I wanted to lighten my hair, I had to include additional costs for lighting and toning – totaling to an estimate of about $230 per session, plus tip.


If you’re end goal is similar to how my hair currently is, you need to foil close to your entire hair (Foiling my hair took around 1 hour and 30 minutes) IT’S ALL IN THE TECHNIQUE.


Olaplex. Olaplex. Olaplex. This treatment limits damage to hair during or after coloring – highly recommended by hair stylists and very commonly used when going light.


I was then put under heat for about 30 minutes. Heat is extremely helpful to process and lift the color.


If you are aiming for an ashy tone, toning your hair is extremely critical in order to have this shade of color as opposed to a brassy blonde. It is an additional expense, but well worth the cost in the long run.


Did I mention having balayage is expensive? Besides the cost of the first session, hair obviously grows out so it’s definitely a good idea to schedule an appointment every 2-3 months to touch up on toning or a root touch up.


Any type of repairing or hydrating conditioning treatments are helpful for your hairs recovery. You can apply these masks anywhere from 2-3 times a week for about 10 minutes to strengthen your hair.  The Olaplex no 3 hair perfecter was recommend. img_1222-1


It’s important to mention any previous history of coloring on your hair so they’ll have a starting point on what to use, what not to use etc. A good salon will educate you on your hair, the process of what they’ll be doing, why they’re doing it and what you need to do to maintain and will all overall keep you a happy customer.

I wanted to thank Blue Water Salon for my beautiful hair transformation because I am SO happy with it. If you live in SWFL and are looking for a local salon to call home, I highly recommend you check them out, I was lucky enough to be squeezed in the same week however, you typically need to schedule your appointment weeks in advance. Blue Water’s hair professionals are up to date with the latest hair trends, were very friendly on my first experience and made sure they were satisfied with their work, all for a reasonable price.

Finished Product!

Blue Water Salon Owner, Saretta Bowerman and I post our 4 hour project.