Florida Keys trip on The Keywest Express

As a Florida Native, I recently visited the Keys for my first time. I know, crazy right? We were invited to celebrate my friend’s 30th birthday so Key West just sounded like a great idea.

Part of the reason why I have never visited Key West is because of the commute. It takes about five hours to travel south from Naples, Florida. Luckily, my friends had suggested an alternative form of travel, The Key West Express.

It was the best idea. We traveled down the Gulf of Mexico in 3.5 hours with 10x more fun than anyone would by car. The ferry had food and drinks available for purchase including alcoholic beverages. Here is a short video clip of the inside where we sat.

The ferry had 3 different levels, two inside in the upper deck outside. Take a look and experience a breathtaking Florida sunset.

The Key West express has two docks that they depart from one in Fort Myers Florida and the other in Marco Island. We left from Fort Myers so Marco would have gotten us to the Keys faster since it’s further down south. Two RT tickets cost about $240…not bad, huh? Weather you call Florida home, or just visiting, The Key West Express is definitely the best way to experience The Sunsine State.

The majority of our trip that weekend included a lot of water activities. We decided to try a Sunset Booze Cruise that turned out to be a lot of fun with unlimited sangrias. Here is a photo of all of my great looking friends that evening.

I also went jet skiing for the first time which turned out to be a lot less scary than I initially thought it was going to be. I did however, phone to the middle of the Atlantic ocean not knowing how to swim. I had a mini mental panic attack but luckily I had a lifevest on. I know what you’re probably thinking… How does she not know how to swim when she lived in Florida all her life? Well, that’s a great question, however I did have a Trumatic child experience in the water that has created a phobia in my mind ever since I was three. None of my sisters nor my mom can swim either so I hope that helps my cause 🤷🏻‍♀️

They have a tour we did that takes you around the entire island so that was definitely knocked off of my bucket list! ✅

My absolute favorite thing about Key West was definitely where we stayed. We rented two little houses the hood plenty of room to fit a group of 12. We only had nine with us on this trip so there was a lot of room for a very convenient price. The houses in Key West are probably my favorite to look at – they have THE cutest little beach houses! They are mini sized cottages that are perfect for living in such paradise.

We save about one minute walking distance from Duval Street which is the infamous street in Key West with all of the bars. We love the convenience of barhopping without having to get dressed up and being able to take our drinks in a to go cup everywhere was definitely a plus.

Key West is the perfect place to visit for a low-key quality needed vacation. So I am glad I got to experience a new area of my home state. Key West is pretty expensive compared to other places in Florida, due to tourism. I would also love to go back to The Keys for a romantic getaway weekend for two.

That weekend when I got to Key West, I realized that I had completely forgotten that had all of my clothes in my car back in Fort Myers. I had no worries because Key West is a very appropriate place to look lazy and have a grand old time.

Bon Voyage from the Key West Express! I’d love to hear any travel tips as far as What to do or where you have been in the keys!



These jeans…too much? I LOVE EM. I think every gal should have some crazy denim’s like this in their closet. Not only do they make a statement on your bold personality but they are also so fun and look super trendy at the same time.

I like to compare this style to Khloe Kardashian’s. I think she has the best style out of the bunch. Or at least the most relevant to my personal wardrobe. It’s not necessary to spend an arm and a leg to replicate the same look because let’s face it, most of us girls hardly wear things more than once.

Jeans like this make you feel some time if way. An idgaf what you think about these jeans cause I like them sort of attitude. That’s how I feel at least.

This entire look is brought to you by Forever 21. The bodysuit, the jeans, and the transparent heels. All under $100.

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Until next time my loves!




Sneakers and dresses are my absolute FAVORITE ootd. Don’t get me wrong, I love to dress up in heels and get all dolled up…or on the other hand, I could completely bum it out and be in slides and sweatpants all.day.long.

But when it comes to dresses and sneakers? UGH! It’s truly the best of both worlds. Not too girly, no too tomboy – just the perfect mix. I could wear this on date night, a day out or if I’m traveling! It’s the ultimate comfort-chic!

These sneakers were bought in Mexico, I’ve never seen anything like them which is why I love them! This dress was bought at Papaya 🙂

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Mexican Cultural​ Dress Edition


The Latin Community celebrates Hispanic Heritage evert September. In honor of Mexican Independence Day on September 16th, I wanted to share details on my story and this vibrant, colorful dress!

After an amazing and unforgettable summer vacation with my family, I’ve been waiting to share this gem I found in a market in Mexico! These dresses are very authentic. People wear them on a daily, especially the older women. It’s very traditional. My favorite part about it is that its a one size fits all! Mexican culture is about being bright and colorful and standing out.

My parents came here to give us, their 3 daughters a better future. I spent some time in México this summer and witnessed the blood, sweat, and tears people go through firsthand, on a daily. It’s not the safest in some places, but the PEOPLE make the culture what it is. Our people are about helping one another, they are humble, they are hard working and they absolutely love life through it all. Those same principles exist in my household to this very day. I carry the good morals with and in me in every area in life. Relationships, friendships, and business. Knowing where I came from and recognizing everything my parents and family have gone through to be here is what FUELS me. And I’m gonna do it all for them.

Te amo México! Mi tierra linda y querida!!!💚

Final Thoughts of an Evacuee Before Hurricane Irma Strikes Florida

Naples, FL is my home. I was born here, I was raised here. And starting tomorrow, my hometown is expected to get hit by the biggest hurricane to ever form in the Atlantic Ocean, since 1960. Hurricane Irma is expected to make landfall at a Category 4. And I honestly cannot wrap my mind around what’s happening.

If you’ve been following and are aware of the destruction that Hurricane Harvey (a category 3 storm) caused Houston…hopefully that puts in perspective of the potential life threatening risks that at category 4 can bring. Southwest Florida is expected to receive the biggest impact and Naples, specifically, is expected to have a storm surge of up to 12 ft. Our state has never seen anything like this deadly storm.

I wanted to share my thoughts because I have a very strange, uncomfortable about this storm that I’ve never felt. It feels as if though we are about to witness and experience THE most historic storm that has ever hit our city.


Everyone across the entire state has been watching, talking about, stressing over this hurricane since Monday. I think the anticipation of its arrival is what’s making me more and more nervous. Everyone just wants this to be over already. Yesterday, the west coast of Florida was in major danger. And within a day, the path has now completely shifted towards the west coast over to Southwest Florida. Meaning we will be getting a direct hit.

No one has slept well at all. Water and food have run out a countless amount of times at certain places, and gas fuel shortages have been at an all time high. People have been fleeing north. Many have boarded on overpriced flights for safety, others have decided to make the bumper to bumper ride up north to keep away from Irma. The national guard and other officials from other states are here to help with the aftermath.  I feel at peace knowing that most of my friends have fled this monster of a storm. I am glad that they will not see or go through this. Many of them had posted on social media with certain thoughts like” Its a strange, and uncomfortable feeling not knowing if or what we will be returning to.” Makes me think: “What the hell are we about to go through…?” I don’t wish this feeling on anyone. This storm is bigger and stronger than Andrew in 1992.


The Naples Coast is under a mandatory evacuation, along with Marco Island and the Everglades – all of which are surrounding the only area that is not supposed to be as affected – anywhere west of i75. We are expected to receive winds of over 100 mph for 6-9 hours on the strongest day which will start Sunday, September 10th at 12 noon. I want everyone to know that yes, this hurricane has us all super uptight and anxious, it has been for an entire week almost. If it was a CAT3 we’d be more at ease, us Floridians are veterans at this. Not this one. Irma is headed straight for us, it’s just a strange, uncomfortable feeling.


The saddest part for me, was putting plywood on our home and leaving it not knowing if its going to be in the same shape. More than any scared feeling, I know we will be okay because I trust the Lord to be with us and will be watching over us. We’ve taken the proper precautions to be as safe as possible. My only hope is that we come out stronger because this will certainly leave a big scar amongst the people of Naples.


We are a strong community here in Naples, Florida. When help is needed, help is given. I just pray everyone is taking 9-12 feet seriously if you’re along the coast or anywhere near the downtown Naples area, and anything west of i75 is expected to receive 1-3 feet. My family and I waited in line for 2 hours to register for a shelter. Although some schools are already at max capacity, they are doing a phenomenal job at opening more elementary and middle schools. I want to thank our Governer, Rick Scott for doing an exemplary job of preparing our state. I feel secure knowing my family will be staying at a hurricane proof evacuation shelter. We will be staying at Gulf Coast High School. We’re ready for you Irma. Scared as hell. But we WILL prevail.


My final thoughts, my final hope and what I will be holding onto from now up until this storm has passed. I pray anyone who fears Irma to dwell on this scripture:

So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:10


My Experience​ on Getting Lip Fillers for the First Time

Processed with VSCO with j4 preset

Have you ever thought about getting your lips enhanced? I had always considered it because I’ve always felt my bottom lip was fuller than my top, so I did it!

This is definitely not something you want to jump right into, so instead of doing a lot of research and getting different information from various sources, I want to share my personal experience with you.

Here are a few things to pay attention to:

Medical Spa

First things first, I strongly suggest the one thing you do some research on is the medical spa in your area who you feel is best qualified. I for one, I was fortunate enough to have this procedure done by the number one medical spa in Southwest Florida – Pura Vida.

The nurse practitioner should have enough experience to know which type of filler is best for you depending on how you’d like your lips to look. I for one wanted very minimal filler. I wanted it to look as natural as possible.


Now, you may be thinking that fillers are crazy expensive… They’re definitely not cheap, but it shouldn’t be an outrages amount like $1000 per treatment. An average treatment should cost roughly $500.

Type of Filler

I used Juvéderm’s Volbella filler which is good if you want to add subtle volume to your lips. This also looks very pretty if you want to soften the appearance of your lips. I especially wanted this because of the natural look it gives.


The entire procedure took less than an hour. Here is a before picture:

The first 20 minutes consisted of waiting for my lips to numb – they added anesthesia on my lips (see below)

And here is the after photo! I felt very little pain on my lower lip and none on my top lip. I did bruise a bit but it’s absolutely normal. It was overall a lot less scary than I thought!

Here is an after of my smile now with the fillers. I love how big of a difference I notice myself, even though others might not.


I would like to thank the Pura Vida Medical Spa Team for being so patient with me. They were super helpful and informative in terms of making sure I clearly understood how the process works to ultimately give me exactly what I envisioned. I’m truly very happy with how they look! After this experience, I definitely understand why they are #1 Med Spa in all SWFL for 2 years in a row! Their office is located on 5th Ave, right above Cafe Milano. I recommend them for the quality and variety of their work, and of course because of their friendly staff.

If you’re in the Naples area and are curious about lip fillers, give them a call and let them know I referred you through this post 🙂

Visit them online at http://www.puravidanaples.com


Kim Kardashian West Inspired Look: A Business Casual OOTD

Many women in the workplace nowadays have not explored the freedom they have to make statements with simply, their attire. So I wanted to share this $40 look with you!

This outfit is probably one of my favorites I’ve ever put together. It’s elegant, modest, stylish AND its professional, depending on what you do. I, for example, run my own business which requires me to attend events where I need to dress up. I never question nor think twice whether I should wear something too “out there.” I just wear it.

Why you may ask? Well first, I will always and forever love fashion. I will always stay true to myself and never change my look for an occasion because of what others will think. I feel that’s what makes one different!

I wore this open-silk skirt from Forever 21 ($20) for an all-day event I did with my local newspaper and USA Today. I wanted to look professional, yet chic…so I paired it with a white long sleeved shirt with minimal details, the ruffles on the shoulders ($20).

I encourage you to be bold, make a statement and most importantly, be you! I will be dedicating a full blog post to my day with the media so please stay tuned! Follow me on Instagram: @monicapramos_



Latest & Greatest from Little Ol’ Me

More than halfway through 2017. Absolutely nothing has gone as planned…and I am truly the happiest I’ve ever been. There’s a saying that says, “everything happens for a reason” and quite frankly, I’ve been finding purpose behind every challenge I’ve face thus far, this year.

I took a short break from blogging, not because I wanted to (I love writing, sharing awesome experiences in cute outfits I mean, common…what girl doesn’t) but because I have been focused on much bigger goals for myself and my future that I can’t share just yet – but will very shortly love to!

One positive thing I will share is an amazing opportunity that was presented to me by Naples Daily News (our Naples local newspaper) and USA Today. On MONDAY August 28th, I will be sharing all that can be done in Naples, FL with only $100. This is going to be great exposure for me, and I am truly honored and beyond thankful that I was selected for such a great project.

On the other hand, now that summer is coming to an end, I wanted to share the last blog post I was SUPPOSED to be sharing until my life really got hectic. I haven’t even shared any of my Mexico trip details, I was there for nearly 2 weeks!

This was shot in one of my favorite places in Miami, The Design District. Fashion is art, so I was happy to hear all of the great feedback when I was walking around to take photos. I’m glad other people notice I have an eye for things! I paired this funky, back & white Victoria Beckham skirt with a bikini top.

Trust me, you would have been in a bathing suit it was SO hot! This is a typical Miami pool party ootd. Gals usually like to add some style even though they will be poolside, which I love! The whole shabang, hair, make-up & heels.

I have so much more to share! Please follow me on Instagram to be up to date with the latest and greatest going on in my little world! God bless you all ❤

What to Expect on Your First Time Getting Eyelash Extensions

FullSizeRender 68Eyelash extensions have gradually grown become the new trend since lip fillers. If you have never gotten lash extensions, I’ve put all the deets on everything you need to know before booking an appointment. Everyone from Kylie Jenner to myself, to an executive business woman has found having lash extensions much more convenient and here’s why…

Convenience: The first reason us gals like to have extensions on our lashes is because it  saves a lot of time from our morning routine. No mascara needed. You are ready to be on-the-go everyday.

Cost: I know so many people who think lashes are way too expensive but that’s really not the case. There are great places like Amazing Lash Studio who have a great full set lash price of only $80 compared to others who start at $150. They have so many locations across the U.S so be sure to look one up near you!

How it feels: Be aware, that you will need to have your eyes closed for about 1 to 2 hours depending on your lash stylist’s experience. That was very uncomfortable for me at first. Especially when it came to the lash stylist taping a gel pad they place under your eye. I found that relaxing was just the best way to get through it and now I don’t even think about it!

The Experience: I think the environment and setting of the lash studio you go to, matters. Amazing Lash does it so well! Check out their waiting room, isn’t it gorgeous? This is what makes them unique, I’ve never seen a lash studio so well put together. Not only that but my lash stylist, Liana, educated me on how to maintain the lashes after we’ve left the studio. Typically you’re supposed to have them done every 2 weeks.

Here is a close up of my after pic…(Did you know eyelash extension appointments = free naps? I had just woken up from mine as you can probably tell)

FullSizeRender 67

One of my favorite things about lash extensions is how beautiful you look without makeup! Thank you so much for reading. Follow me on Instagram @monicapramos_ to to see more of my eyelash extension experiences!

Until next time,




Tropical State of Mind ☀️

I have two words for you. ZAH-RAH. Zara, that is.

The truth is, I have been waiting MONTHS to share this outfit with you guys! I bought this set in Miami and had even attempted to do my shoot on it 3x. Why that was the case, most definitely the weather. So I decided on shooting in Miami’s Design District to show you some hot spots for shots!


My favorite thing about Miami is the tropical style, look and feel in my ootd’s. Especially in the summer. That’s why I always stop by Zara to check in on their latest styles. Their prints, cuts and fit is known to look great on everyone.

Miami’s Design District is filled with sleek-modern art from the buildings to the parking garages. As a matter of fact, see this cool background behind me? Its actually a parking garage, one of the dopest, may I add. Its blue on the inside, and GOLD on the outside.

You’d be surprised with the amount of spots you’ll find in the Design District. I can’t wait to go back! Until then,

Peace, love & blessings,